Another Karate Grading …

For those whom have children doing Judo or Karate will know all about the dilemma one faces when they've completed a grading class. What do I do with the old belt or some cases belts?

For H's first few belts I hung them up behind his bedroom door not knowing what to do with them. Didn't want to place them in a drawer , never to be seen again. He worked so hard the move up and was proud of them so I looked around for ideas …. 
I came across a fabulous idea to store them and have them on display but the challenge was to find a prefect cyclinder vase to do so. It took a few trips to various shops but finally I some it the prefect glass cyclinder vase at Tesco. Large cyclinder vaseAfter spending a few hours locating all his previous belts and detangling a couple. We carefully rolled them into what H called snail shapes and layered them up in the vase.

I'm quite impressed with the results and now look forward to more gradings in order to fill another .Our little Karate star.

Disclaimer: This review has not been paid and is the opinion of my own.

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