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As the 2018 /2109 season draws to a close (actually J’s U13s team) start to look to the next season at rule changes and new equipment. So I provided the 2 Simon Shaw Rugby balls for a couple of sessions one Neon Flex and one Ultra Flight rugby balls which I’d received as apart of the Simon Shaw Rugby Ambassador program.

With a squad of over 30 U13s players I can think of no better way then getting them to try out these two great balls from Simon Shaw Rugby Ambassador Program and feedback on their findings and also assist with potential new ball purchases that the team will be looking at as the club heads into it centennial season 2019/2020.

Both balls were put through the paces by the young players following been split into two playing groups to ensure that both groups got equal a chance to test out the balls. I had asked for them to consider the grip difference if any and what stood out between the two balls to them.

The both teams loved the colourful design of the Neon Flex but overhaul winner by both teams, coaching team including a Worthing Raider player was the Ultra Flight ball, both the players and coaching team were amazed at the grip and ease of ball gliding in the light windy conditions.

Having used both balls now for quite a  few different types of  sessions including kicking work the Ultra Flight has still come out as the firm favourite overall and has ‘amazing grip’ as one of the young players put it.  Just as myself and many rugby players, families and coaches we all look to purchasing rugby balls that are going to deliver that all important grip and long lasting grip. I know I’d be pleased not to keep having to replace balls as regularly as I do with two young lads whom love a kick around and rugby training to have a shed full on grip-less balls that they just push aside to train with.

Overall I have been impressed with designs and handling of the balls. We look forward to seeing the Size 3 balls for H to train, but in the mean time he is happy to use the large size 5 balls. 

Disclaimer, were sent product (Rugby Balls)  in return for this review. The words remain our own and have not been altered #review #notpaid

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