Iams Dog Food

Dog food is a tricky subject when it comes to Spot’s dog food. I wouldn’t say he is a typical fussy eater he just knows what he wants.

He of course is our fur baby so he should have tasty food. When the parcel arrived little spot made a beeline for it. Not seen him behave in that manner. Day 1 was a hit with his IAMS as treats. With my sample pack I also divided up 10 smaller packages for friends and colleagues to try with there fur babies. The best review I received back was ‘Olive has taken to asking for IAMS for her treats with Finn and refused her cat treats’ ! Yes Olive is a kitten whom has made the swap to IAMS now as well.

Spot has been on IAMS completely now for a week and seems to have taken to it without and issues of missing meals. This is a keeper for us. I’ve also noticed that his coat has more shiny appearance since the change as well.

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Spot dog waiting Samples for work

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to review. My reviews are my point of view and research into the product.

Transition Days

So its that time of the year again …. my boys  are super excited about the summer holidays which are apporaching but first transition day.  I’m sure that i will not be the first nor th elast parent to be nervous, excited or proud of my children.

Its been great to have both boys in the same school for the past 3 years but that all changes after the summer break as J moves to Secondary school and greowing up fast. H moves to Year 3 and hoping for a strong teacher to guide him for the forth coming year.

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog as i planning our summer around great reviews and holidays.

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