Triple Winner

Back at end of May I was lucking enough to win a pair of rugby tickets to the premiership rugby final and to the Eng vs Barbarians game. Which meant either I or B were going to be spending the weekend in Twickenham! 

After a excited call to B I learnt he'd already purchased tickets to the England game the day before but all was not lost, I donated my Saturday game tickets to the rugby club and anither chap wish to go to the final was met (my good deed for the week met). Which left me with a pair for Sunday and B with a pair for Sunday as well, prefect result as each were able to take one of the boys with us. 

The weather was prefect a little nervous about taking boys into London and Twickenham so soon after an attack but after talking to them both and explaining I felt better. H and I ventured off to our seat which happen to be diagonal opposite to B and J on the same level. I'd been carry a graze box with me for another competition for a couple of days to get a great shot. #Grazedays was a competition with in which you had to share via Instagram or Twitter a snap of where you enjoy your graze boxes. H helped me out with the shoot and to nibble to contents as well afterwards!

This shot led to me winning my first ever year supply of a product and in this case a years supply of graze boxes … yum. On the day I'd noticed a display board flash that you could win the match ball so quickly out came the phone again as I search for the company I needed to follow on twitter. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission were celebrating 100years and hosting a chance to win the match ball by following @CWGC. Thinking no more of my quick follow and having enjoy the rugby game with H we headed home. 

About 9days later I received a message notification on my twitter account saying I was the winner of the match ball from the England vs Barbarians game. I can't wait to tell J about the win! A few days later the parcel containing the prize arrived and it was the best moment watching J open the box and take out the contents and he was chuffed to have a picture of the England Squad included. Only trouble was that ball mad J wanted to play with it the minute it came out of the box and but not one! Quickly informed but H it's got a grass stain on it and why did it have to stay in the box till we got home. 

"The best prize mommy , J !!" It's taken prime location in the display cabinet since its arrival! I hunk it's the. Eat prize ever too! 

So that's my three (3) wins all contested to rugby and with great outcomes too ! 

Triple winner, Triple winnings all thanks to rugby it's been an amazing year to date! Especially with planning my biggest win coming up in October.

Disclaimer: These were products / Service which were won by myself and reviews or of my point of view.

Disclaimer: This review has not been paid and is the opinion of my own and prizes which I won

Minis Rugby Tour  

So Friday we set off the first every minis tour with our boys and into the unknown. 

Arrival at the rugby club was met with fantastic hawaiian themed outfits and kids buzzing with excitement. A short thank you to all involved and mascots were issued to all age groups to take care of over the weekend! 

Once we had been issued with tour passports,  itineraries and coach allocations , we had a run through to the tour song and dance moves that we would each have to re-create each time we heard the Wipeout song. Three coaches and a mini bus later we were ready to set off the Wimborne for thewhat was  going to be a fantastic tour. 

With over 170 people on the minis tour one would’ve expected some fall outs amongst the kids! But they were so well behaved and no issues on the journey! Once we had arrived at Warmwell holiday park for our accommodation during the tour for the next 3 nights things changed! Not saying it in a bad way but it was so nice to see them all playing and playing all out together and in the woods but in the distance those flickering lights of the arcade always seemed to draw them back in and a few adults too! 

Saturday was filled with more activities that were organised for us and loads of Swimming. And a day closer to the rugby festival with a small change in some of the plans. But most importantly the Worthing Raiders had won their game and are remaining up in the league! It was time to celebrate all round again on the great news! 

Sunday approached and we split into twos as H had all his games in the morning and J had all his games in the afternoon! And for a change I didn’t have to do the early run so lunches made and a departure time of 3 hours later J and myself set off on the two coaches with the remaining U11s and U12s and a change in the weather as well! One can almost say if it’s not raining then it’s not a rugby festival or any type of festival without a little mud! On arrival I was greeted by H with a super proud smile has produced a medal to show off for the superb games they played in the morning.

With the raining pouring down on us some of the parents quickly got the tent erected whilst the coaches started the boys warm ups before the start of the first games ! The kids were so cold that we tried to warm them up with hot chocolates and coffees for coaches and folks whilst attempting to stay dry. In the end I think most of us gave in to the wet rain as attempts to stay dry were limited but never the less tour shirts and  Hawaiian assessories and leis were still being worn to avoid fines! 

The boys showed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the games cheering each other on in each game. There are two brilliant tries on the weekend from all the boys games which not gave the boys more drive to keep pushing their opponents back but it demonstrated how they gave the boys a pick me up moment just at the right moments! I’ll cherish these two moments, super proud on how each of players have developed in the two seasons that J has being playing. These were by G C and one by J , great push through and length clear run throughs to tries. 

Sunday’s festival overran for us just a tad which added to the madness of a quick turnaround to get the boys changed and looking draper for their awards dinner. With a great awards meal and of course court! Yes court for fines were issued out for sinful deeds and triumphs from the past few days. 

Looking back over the weekend I must say that and the planning and all fundraising that went into the past 15months by U12’s Team had lead to a fantastic tour and we’ve had a incredible minis tour. U12 and U11’s now progress to Juniors status for 2018 season and paving the way forward for our our current U11 squad to organise next year’s tour for them! Onward and upward to the great 2018 Holland rugby tour planning and fundraising here we come. 

Please feel to get in contact about joining the club or been a sponsor. 

Disclaimer we weren’t asked to review the tour and the words remain ours and have not been altered. 

Choosing rugby boots

Been a mom to two young rugby players I never understood the differences of between rugby boots and whether playing in football boots made a difference. And with myself starting touch rugby, my trainers just don’t cut it! This is what I learnt there are very few Rugby Boots manufactured specifically for Women and the costs vary greatly to our counterparts rugby boots.

Not only that but there are so many important factor to consider before purchasing ones most important kit item for rugby.

Factors I never considered and when it comes to the next season kit I’m going to be choosing right for the boys! Rugby boots are categorised into soft ground (SG), firm ground (FG) boots and all rounder boots (like football boots).

Soft ground boots are made for playing on soft, natural surfaces which you will find through most of the rugby season in the UK. It’s these that are ok for the boys until the ground is very muddy!!

Firm ground boots are made for artificial surfaces I.e Astro turf.

All rounders boots have both short metal studs and moulded studs. I didn’t find too many of these but I’d say they ideal for both boys and similar to football SG boots!

What abouts studs ? Have you ever wondered what the difference between a 6-stud and 8-Stud boot? You aren’t alone I just thought it was design styles, but this is not the case.

With different positions on the field call for different features of the stud formation which are key in a player’s position . As forwards need grip, and plenty of it, 8 studs in a 6×2 formation are to give great grip in rucks, mauls and scrums and tough construction. Whilst a 6 studded formation with a 4×2 layout, lightweight construction are ideal for backs needing to focus on acceleration, agility and speed. Third type of rugby boot I came across is a hybrid rugby that has both metal studs and mounded studs.

Boot studs
Images from

Armed with my new knowledge I went in search of the right type of rugby boot for myself, I’ve got to say rugby boots are the most personal bit of sports kit I’ve bought in a long time for myself and can completely see the importance to get it right. Browsing a wide range of rugby boots in various styles and designs from the world’s best boot manufacturers in several sports shops, I did find it a bit overwhelming.

All the rugby boots I saw and tried armed with my new knowledge of specific positions and roles on the field in mind, rather than whether men or women will be wearing them. I’m still surprised that there weren’t many actually Women specific rugby boots in my high street stores, leaving me to chose a pair of men’s boots based on the same criteria. I choose a all-rounder type of boot as it’s the end of the season but hoping to continue in the summer months playing touch rugby and would have my trainers as a fall back at the height of summer when the ground would be hard.

Something else I learnt in my morning of boot fitting was that some styles and makes I had to go up a half size if not a whole size, this was not down to my socks I took along to tryouts. But as a general rule of thumb Women will need to go up half a size to full size from what they normally wear if buying boots in Men’s sizes, e.g. a Women’s UK 5 becomes a Men’s UK 5.5 (see below for link to a comprehensive size guide by

Womens Rugby Boots Size Chart

I knew immediately I’d found the right fit, didn’t matter how many I still tried on I just went back to the ones I found comfortable. Once your foot is in a boot with a good width fitting for you – it will feel comfortable and right down the sides of your feet. Too narrow and you’ll know about it pretty quick – however boots will stretch out slightly in width over time.

I hope you have found my journey in finding the right rugby boot helpful. And hope to see more women specific rugby boots and football boots in the high street.


The correct aftercare for boots which I will try to install into my boys for their boots after each time they wear rugby boots, you should untie the laces properly to allow them to dry as this prevents shrinking, fraying and eventually snapping under the stress and strain.Dirt should be removed by knocking the boots together and using a soft brush on the sides and top of your boot.

Won’t stay this clean for long

Disclaimer: This product was bought by myself and reviews or of my point of view and research into the product.