The boys play rugby for Worthing Rugby Club .

This is J’s second session of contact Rugby. He caught the rugby bug you’d say from watching the London Rugby World Cup in 2016! Having only played the school tag rugby he wasn’t sure how he would take to it, but like duck to water he hasn’t looked back. My folks would probably tell you it’s in the genes. Having grown up in South Africa you could say that we eat and sleep Rugby! I can remember having to watch many a game and cheering on the school team, that included cheering Dad B along the sideline during his games!

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Training Day

J finished his first season on a high with been award joint best new player in U10 team. And encouraged him to continue playing in the summer tag training that his fabulous coaches put into the team.

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I’m ready

Not forget little H this is his first year in tag rugby, after spending a season following his brother round to various festivals. He too decided to try out and is loving Rugby and eager to play contact rugby.


The highlight for us this year was J & H getting the opportunity to train on the Twickenham grounds and been guard of honor with their team mates for the double header game. Which has good for both boys getting the chance to support the teams each. Oh yes we don’t support one nation nor team!

H is a Harlequin and England supporter and J is a Sacarens and Springboks supporter! We are a multinational supporters I’d say !

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Guard of honour @ Twickenham

Both boys team and club are always happy to welcome new sponsors. Contact me via my contact page for further details! 

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